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As Good As Pros offers an all-inclusive sports community membership, so you can do your favorite team sports as well as fitness & cardio workouts anywhere, anytime. And what's best is that we provide you with like-minded athletes for all sports sessions you want to join. So you will never have to work out alone anymore.   

Please Note: 

Due to COVID-19 all training sessions take place online or via audio connection.

***Translation of Checkout process*** 

Checkout (Buchungsprozess); Sign-Up (Anmeldung), to purchase this plan and use its benefits in the future, log in to your account or sign up (um den kostenlosen 30-Tage Test dieser Mitgliedschaft zu buchen, registriere Dich oder melde Dich an); Order Summary (Buchungsübersicht); Plan (Mitgliedschaft); Duration (Dauer); Until canceled (bis zur Kündigung); Sessions (Sportstunden), unlimited (unbegrenzt); Billed monthly (monatliche Abrechnung); Payment (Bezahlung), Credit / Debit Cards (Kredit- / Girokarten), Card Number (Kartennummer), Expiration Date (Ablaufdatum), Security Code CVV (Sicherheitscode), Card Holder Name (Karteninhaber), Save credit card for next time (Kreditkarte fürs nächste Mal speichern). 


How it works



Step 1: Book your 30-day free trial now!

Your membership plan offers full flexibility, because you can participate in as many sessions as you like.

You can start a 30-days free trial, where you can try out as many sport sessions as you like. After the trial period we charge you on a monthly basis. Your plan is valid until canceled. You can pause your subscription if needed or cancel it at the end of the month.


Step 2: Sign up for your preferred session!

After booking your plan, you will have to sign up for the sessions you would like to join here. You can sign up for as many sessions as you like.

Step 3: Join your session & have fun!

Dial in and let's go! We will send you the link to the online sessions via email shortly before the sessions start.  

Important Notes: 

Due to COVID-19 all sessions take place online. Only the "Online Special" is currently available. As soon as the lockdown ends, you can decide flexibly what to do: You may switch to one of our other plans or cancel your subscription. Please also note that by buying our membership plans you accept our terms & privacy policy akzeptierst.

We will send you an email with important information after your purchase. Please check your spam folder to make sure you get it.

Try it out now:  

You want to try out one of our sessions before booking our membership plans? No problem! Go to and book one of our sessions on-demand.