Vision & Mission

What we stand for


Our vision is to empower everyone to experience and share an athletic and happy lifestyle, wherever they are. 

Thus, our mission is to democratize sports trainings to make them affordable and accessible to the mass market. 

As Good AS Pros 

It's a sports platform: On the one hand, people can book individual trainings from talented athletes for their favorite sports wherever they are. People can improve their skills flexibly and affordably. 

On the other hand, talented athletes can offer the sports they are good at as training service to others, so that they can make money with their passion independently and flexibly. 


Brand positioning

Sport as Lifestyle - with like-minded people 

We want to facilitate access to sports because we believe that an active, athletic lifestyle has a high impact on our overall well-being. We created As Good As Pros as a brand that is different to other fitness apps, which only focus on optimizing your body. We instead see sports as lifestyle as it gives us more than just fitness: Sports is more than fitness. Sports connects. Sports is fun. 

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Founder team 

Carolin is our female founder, who got the idea of As Good As Pros. She studied Business Administration and International Management. She started her career as Management Consultant at Deutsche Telekom Group. She gained startup experience in the Silicohas and has been working as OKR and agile Coach in San Francisco, where she got the idea of As Good As Pros. She has always been passionate about sports and that's why she was eager to found her own sports company together with Johannes, who she met in San Francisco. #femalefounder #sportfan


Johannes is our male founder of As Good As Pros. He studied Business Administration and Management at HHL in Leipzig. He started his career as Investment Manager at Deutsche Telekom Group. He gained startup experience as Venture Developer at Amorelie in Berlin. He got to know Carolin in San Francisco and was eager to drive the idea forward, so they founded As Good As Pros together.  #footballaddict

Contact for press inquiries 

Carolin Obernolte

Founder & Managing Director


Phone: +49 177 322 80 10